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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The midwest is still....

The midwest is still the midwest...
All Hotel rooms look the same in the dark.
- Tom Bodett
Yeah, but they don't all smell the same.
-Zach (son of Evo)

I mentioned a hectic trip last week. Home to Minnesota, to Wisconsin to Illinois to Kansas back to Illinois, drive to Wisconsin, then back to Illinois and then, after some Chicago deep dish pizza, back home.
This is my noses eye view of my knees inflight.
We did see some fun people on the road...
While nice hotel rooms are much better than poor ones, they still aren't home. Late night arrivals, getting up in time to work out, eat breakfast and be in someone's office by eight..

When I got home I passed this guy on the road. At first I thought he was a dick. It turns out he was just a wiener.

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