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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I can’t catch up, I’m so far behind

I remember the sunshine....


Back in April, my name was drawn in the lottery and the ride is next Thursday. Six training days left. Climbing is all about strength to weight. Since there isn’t enough time to get any stronger, I’m trying to lose weight. Hank on my cycling team was also among those picked to ride. We had planned two big training rides, one was on the Fourth of July and that was fun. The other was set for last Sunday and we delayed the start of the ride by having a cup of coffee and waiting for the rain to let up. The rain kept coming and completely washed away our resolve. After an hour in the corner coffee shop, we bagged it.


After the ride on the forth I had a great week of eating light and training heavy, but it was a lousy week for sleep. On Friday afternoon, I felt my body going to war. Headache, warm, throat getting dry; this isn’t good I thought to myself. The battle was on and I lost. I missed a solid week. Then the rain last Sunday capped it. I resumed just this Monday. I hit the weights yesterday and tried to keep the same weights (pounds) and just do fewer reps. My quads are absolutely screaming.


My old Single speed ride has been reborn as my commuter bike. I put a Cane Creek Drop-V lever on the left side of my Cross racing rig and pulled the SRAM shifter and put it on the commuter. Now it is a two speed bike. It is as black as the ace of spades, but because it is a two speed it is the Deuce of Spades. Big fat tires, fenders, a rack, and more lights than a Christmas tree.

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