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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The trip to Nationals another retro post

The trip down to Bend for Nats included every kind of weather you can imagine. We had rain off and on all through Washington. We zipped through Portland and when we turned off to head toward the cascades the sky turned dark once more. We passed through forests that were so dark I wondered if they had ever seen the sun. The greens were so dark, the color seemed a variant of brown. Rust and moss coated everything. What side of a tree does moss grow on? In the Northwest; the answer is, "the outside." In the spring, this area will have greens so bright they border on neon; but for now, the feel is that of a rotting corpse waiting to be buried by snow.

As we climbed we spotted patches of snow and then near the crest, it was snowing on us. We descended to the high desert and the sun pierced the clouds and we fumbled for our sunglasses.

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