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Friday, October 15, 2010

Wonderdog Update

With Hottie exploring the Cyclocross options within the Carolinas Tux and I are trying not to find ourselves humming the theme song from “The odd couple.” Tux is an affable companion and is content to join me on whatever task I am engaged. He has many endearing traits including his shoe relocation program. When my youngest daughter would get antsy we would get her to jump on the trampoline to burn off the excess energy. Tux sometimes starts to boil over and we take him into the backyard where he rips around like a motorcycle in a cage. It is enough of a spectacle that the neighbors race to their windows to watch him.

He does have a habit that we don’t like. He knows not to get on our bed when we are in it. When we’re gone, our bed is his safe place. He hops on and lies down. We don’t want to find his hair on our bedspread, so we toss a blanket on the bed when we aren’t in it. The problem is, he has developed an appreciation for the finer things. He pulls back not only the blanket, but also the comforter and sheets so he can plop his furry self on our high thread count sheets and pillowcases. We console ourselves that he could have worse habits like chewing furniture or leather shoes, or peeing. If the worst thing we have to do is wash our sheets more often; we’ll take it.

He is a gentle soul and loves to get affection. When he takes a treat from your hand he is grateful and your fingers are never at risk. As a racer he made his living chasing the little furry thing, and since joining our family he has caught a squirrel which seemed to me entirely consistent with his training. When Tux caught the squirrel he believed he had been chasing his entire life, he brought it in the house to share his joy. Hottie was less enthusiastic and called me very excited at work asking that I remove his “trophy.”

He is still a cool pup.

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bikelovejones said...

Shoe Relocation Program. Excellent.
And gorgeous.
..::heart goes toink!::..