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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boot Dryer DIY

UGLY, but fully functional
For almost nothing I made a boot dryer. I bought a bathroom ceiling fan for $13 and used wood from a drawer. I cut off the cord from something that went into the trash and found some PVC pipe and I was in business.

This is the fan unit. I mounted it to a two by four and mounted that into the drawer.

Then I drilled the holes for the PVC and glued them in place with gorilla glue

Tux made sure I did a quality job....
Then I used some bathroom caulk and sealed around the PVC.
I used wood from the bottom of another drawer and sealed it off.
After last week's SSCXWC, it got put to the test.

What is good about this is there is NO heat, so you can leave it on overnight and not cook anything. It was cheap, it is quiet enough and by plugging, or opening the tops, you can dry one to five pairs of boots/gloves, etc..


Anonymous said...

totally impressed. how well does it work? would you tweak anything? i plan on following your lead and buildign one of these. :)

EvoDavo said...

It works super. Strong points include the fact that if I forget about it and it runs for three days, nothing is damaged or over-cooked. It gets gloves, boots, shoes and even helmets and makes them all dry quickly and damages nothing.

It's pretty simple. Feel free to get creative. Send me pics of the final product !