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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bull Moose

Hiram Johnson proclaimed he felt as strong as a bull moose back in 1912. If you care to know more, look it up. The YMCA is open again after its annual cleaning. I did my full meal deal weight workout yesterday morning. I also rode at lunch with Paolo and he was just killing it on the hills. I was pretending to be Fabian Cancellara on the flats, so we were really rolling along. On one of the rollers, I just dug down and carried my speed into uphill and crested the top of the hill at 27mph.

I kept trying to take it easy because I knew today is my interval day. I was perhaps twitchy from racing the last two weekends, but I had a hard time going slow. I was worried that my back would be sore from my weight workout, but I still feel good. I feel as strong as a bull moose.

Intervals on the rollers this morning before sunrise with my music getting drowned out by the super cool Killer Headwind (let those who know, nod). I’m in full training mode. I’m so dedicated, I’ve even doing the all important push outs.

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