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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summertime Nooner

Distractions abound

Paulo and I went for a ride today around Alki. To welcome the warm weather we took an extended lunch and got in just under 23 miles. I wore a sleeveless jersey for the first time this year and noticed it has a small zippered key pocket inside the right rear jersey pocket. We like those kind of surprises.

The route to West Seattle was true urban grit. Not the downtown with buses and bike messengers and girls with purple hair. This was the dirty manufacturing, with rusty nails, train tracks, loose gravel and zoned for heavy carcinogen production grit.

Then we passed under the spaghetti that is the west end of the West Seattle Freeway and we were smelling the water and feeling the sunshine.

After a long winter and disappointing spring of riding at noon under grey skies on wet roads, this was what we had dreamed of. We stopped and took it all in.

Seattle skyline from Alki.

Paulo looking lean and fast..

We proceeded around Alki and on down to Fauntleroy. The sun was warm and the road was essentially flat and we were in no hurry to shorten our ride time by going fast. Paul showed me a short cut that avoided the hill before the ferry and after a deep drink of nuun, we climbed from the water to cut across south of White Center to Boulevard Park and then to the office.

Time for lunch. Someone photo-shopped this so I have lines on my forehead and grey in my sideburns. What the heck ?

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