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Friday, April 23, 2010

Ticking them down

With the weather lately, I'm getting real good at cleaning my bike

Checklists are my life. First you set a plan, then you execute to the plan. I recall my training for Marathons would usually consist of runs during the week, either before work or during a long lunch break, then a long one on the weekends. Once when my motivation was flagging, I thought to myself, only three more long runs (over the next three weeks) before my race. The long runs were the key to success.

My training the Davis Double Century is mainly altering my weekend rides. Instead of going 35 miles with my team, I’ve been going long either solo, or with like minded OCD riders. I’ve gone 90, 70, and a few over 60. I think I will be ready. Some of my longer training rides have been damp and that has only increased my desire to enjoy a warm ride.

On a recent ride I was able to go with Spinner John and Geoff and Joe who are going to Davis. My initial fear is these guys would be flying and I’d be left in the dust. Then my fear was they would be slow and I’d be waiting, or riding solo. BTW, riding solo isn’t bad, but it is really nice to have a friend to talk to on those long rides. I think I’m pretty strong and Joe and Geoff are strong too, so I think we will all get along just fine. Besides, you never know what will happen when you go past 100 miles or 90 degrees. In those extremes sometimes the weak become strong and the strong men falter.

As my train of thought rounds the corner and comes back to checklists and plans; I am pleased I have been able to essentially stick to my plan. I say essentially because I took off when I got sick or felt beat and I have placed a LOT more emphasis on rest. Coach Joe says never cut short your recovery. I’ve got the miles under my belt and I don’t have to panic as the big ride approaches. If you happen to share my morbid sense of humor check out the bike trails in Seattle the two weeks prior to the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride. You will see riders cramming to make up for not enough training and early in the day the faces look panicked and in the late afternoon they all look haggard.

With the ride a little over three weeks away, I’ve only a couple more opportunities for long rides and so far all is well. My little cold is completely gone and I’m feeling fine. The bike is working like a dream and I don’t have any issues looming over me. I have a race this weekend where I fully expect to be DFL. It did cross my mind that I have a better base than last year when I did this one, and the weight training may help. Still, I’m setting my expectations low…

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