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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mass Posting Tux 50 Me

Me and Wiley !!

One could correctly usually assume that my posting drought was the result of my boring life. In this case it was quite the opposite. I have been sick, so that always slows me. I also travelled, which is tied to the getting/being sick part. So it is time to catch up.

With the passing of Lily, the house was eerie quiet. Like an empty, silent classroom; it just didn’t feel right. With a summer odyssey planned, the logical thing was to look for a new puppy after returning. So Hottie and I said that to each other. We would wait until August. But the quiet was too much and when I was at the store and they said, “paper or plastic” I had no reason to say plastic. It was then I realized that I have evolved into a dog person. Being a dog person without a dog didn’t feel right. Hottie didn’t protest too long.

Despite our commitment to wait, we had both been looking at available greyhounds on the web. On Saturday April 3rd we went to the Greyhound rescue shelter to look at a dog named Turbo. Turbo was a strong, energetic boy that went full speed all the time and had a curious nature. We looked at a couple others including Bella Cabello who was young and won’t be two years old until June. He leapt up to greet us which turned me off. He quickly settled down and showed himself to be curious, smart, strong and loving. He responded well to Hottie and me, and when we were petting Turbo, Cabello came and inserted himself between Turbo and me. Call me insecure, but I like a dog that gets a little jealous. He is Jet black with a silky coat and he has a white Tux patch on his chest and on the tips of all four feet, as well as the tip of his tail. Because he looks like he is wearing a Tuxedo and he didn’t know his racing name, we christened him Tux then and there.

Tux had been racing up until February and had never been in a house until we brought him home. He saw stairs for the first time. He leaned to use the dog door and is doing just about perfect. Actually, he is doing so much better than could be dreamed; I guess I would have to score him as perfect. He is settling in and he travels well and gets along great.

Can I stay ? Can I, can I, can I please ?

I turned 50 last week. Since that puts me into the 50+ racing category, I didn’t mind at all. The round birthdays are always a milestone, and I guess this was one too. My hair is thinning and my glasses are on more than they are off, but that is part of the deal as well. My body can still do pretty much what I want, so I think I’m lucky.

This was how I looked in 1979...

I’ve never seen pollen so thick. I was fighting a sinus infection before I left and the pollen didn’t help me. It was like the cars were spray painted yellow. For some reason the trip took more out of me than it should have and made last week a long week.

I can sleep off almost anything, yet I couldn’t shake this, so I called my Doc. After accessing my training and getting the Hottie recovery report, he set me up with some better living through chemistry. I’m just about fine now.

The cold of Portland Cyclocross goes to the BONE !

Hottie and I rode down to the local ferry and back up the hill on Sunday. This was a milestone as it has now been three months since they opened her like a book and did some amazing things to her back. Here she is riding up the hill and smiling at the same time. I’d say that counts the surgery as a success.

Bring it on !!

I’ve missed some training, and it feels like weeks since I’ve gone long. I took it pretty easy yesterday on the team ride. I was surprised to hear one of the guys who was riding right by me tell someone we were hammering the whole way.

Enough about me
I’ll get back to ride reports, equipment reviews and the other useless drivel that my readers (JP, Mom, John) have come to expect/dread from this blog.....

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