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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Racing into Spring

Above is my start of the Carnation time trial held last weekend.  In a cruel twist of fate, we rode under grey skies that had just stopped SNOWING before the first rider went off.  The air was a crisp 34 degrees and the slushy roads in combination with the big trucks that passed us on the first five miles managed to speckle every rider with mud. As a 'cross rider, this would have been just fine, but as irony is my friend, by late afternoon the sun was ablaze and I was wearing sandals and a T-shirt.  I managed just over 21.3 mph for the 20k distance. 
Our long awaited new team kit arrived and I will confess I have been lounging in my new jacket and if I had team pajamas I would have been sleeping in them as well. The wrath of Deity weather ended yesterday morning (snow in the highlands of Shoreline) and we have sunny weather for riding and gardening this weekend.  So I will be able to use the kit for its intended purpose.  Sam is shown in one of our jerseys visiting one of our sponsors, Fuel coffee.  Note the 2020 Cycle logo, Fuel Coffee and the Lion of Flanders.  

Here I am with Professional Bull Rider, Wiley Peterson. Hottie, Son #2 and Hottie's mom and I went to Tacoma and watched the bulls and the riders do battle. Wiley is my favorite as he breaks the mold of the stoic Cowboy. 

One of the things that makes our neighborhood fun is the Gnome who decorates our mailboxes. Our first reaction when we discovered we have been "adorned" was that someone had violated our personal space. Then, when the character that was atop our US Postmaster approved box had fallen to the ground, we were quick to put it back in its place as we didn't want to be left out.
Finally, we sent our passports off to obtain Visa's so we can visit "Zach in Damascus."  That will be a story in itself.

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