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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Gravel Dreaming

It is prime time in the Methow Valley.  There is a healthy blanket of snow and temperatures are favorable for all kinds of winter fun.  We ski, fat bike, snowshoe and marvel at the sharp contrasts of the deep blue sky, the bright white mountains and the dark trees.  

The season is unhurried as the outdoor activities are strenuous and after an hour or two you are physically done for the day.  This leaves more time for indoor activities. 
I find myself studying paper maps and Google earth and Google maps and using an elevation app as I contemplate gravel routes for spring and summer.  In addition, because they close pass on the most direct route we approach the valley from the bottom instead of the top.  After studying route options, I am crane my neck looking up canyons at possible routes as we drive to and from our cabin.

This is a quiet time and even though my training totals are meager, grand plans are being made.  Horst and Lutz we will be ready for you! 
Spring is a magical time and it is just around the corner. The snow will slowly yield to the longer, warmer days.  Typically I “scout” the routes as the snow recedes and ride up gravel roads until the snow turns me back.  The lower elevations explode with wild flowers and everything is alive.
Spring will come, but for now we plan and enjoy the gifts we have.

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