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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chamois cream shoot out

Just when I thought I had finished my search, my long time supplier stopped carrying my chosen undercarriage care product, Buttonhole.

I went to the trouble to email the supplier who told me they had decided their nether region selection was excessively broad and were consolidating.  My emails direct to the manufacturer failed to get a reply regarding direct sales so I find myself at a crossroads. 

Reading reviews by schmoes like me only fuels the confusion and confirms that we all have opinions. 

Not too long ago I found myself ready to set off on a ride without any dippity doo.  One of my brethren had some Paceline Chammy butt’r.  My recollection of that product was less than flattering but it was this or nuthin. I took a squirt and found the stuff was thicker (better) and stayed in place better than I remembered.  It turns out they had changed their formula.

With new players in the market and changes made by the old players it is time for some real life testing to figure out who gets to ride between me and my chamois.  

Without getting all laterally stiff and vertically complaint on you; the only way to test products is head to head.  Or in this case, taint to taint.

The challenge is to see if one or more of these can unseat the current champions; Buttonhole the everyday chamois cream and Morgan Blue Solid a.k.a. the Flak Jacket fo yo Ass. 

It took three shipments from two different stores to stock the test bench. 

Testing is underway and I will let my pain be your gain.  When I have some opinions I will share.  Until then I’ll just remind you that if you love it, lube it.

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