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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Stars beginning to fade as I lead the parade

I have been enjoying a rare run of sleeveless bicycle commutes. It is a treat to wake up and check the outside temperature and confirm it is within a couple of degrees of sixty.  It makes everything so simple.  Bibs, liner, jersey, socks, shoes, go.  

Just so we are all on the same page, go means I’m on the road a bit before 5:30 AM.

Since we excel at normalizing everything it has taken my past two commutes to realize the sunrise is getting later and a headlight will be required soon. Very soon.

Slapping a headlight on my helmet doesn’t create an emotion.  Having to admit that the door is starting to close on summer, however, makes me sad. 

 Pausing for a bite before we fly down Buck Mountain
The end of summer has historically been an exciting time for me.  In my youth it signaled the return to school and resuming of athletic competition.  In those days it was Cross Country and Track.  The chance to get some payoff for the hard training I did in the summer was exciting.  In my middle age that competition has been Cyclocross and my heart still gets atwitter with anticipation.  

There is plenty of summer left and there is much I still want to do. 

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