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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Italy is underway


We all arrived without incident. No lost bikes, no lost luggage no consequencal delays. We loaded up and nodded off while Horst and Lutz drove us from Munich via Austria to Italy.

After dinner we assembled bikes we fell into bed with a thud and slept. In the morning is was raining and the radar said it would pass so we relaxed and got off too late but dry start.

This place totally ripped off Leavenworth. I am surprised Leavenworth hasn't sued.

We regrouped at the top of a short climb. Waiting here was not a big inconvenience..

Marc and KB making their way through the Dolomites.

Lots of views to be enjoyed.

Rain off and on and off and on meant the rain jacket was jumping from jersey pocket to shoulders and back often. Oh well, we are from Seattle.....

They really dig goats here.

The final approach to Dobbiaco was on a bike trail.

German water at dinner

Thisnisnwhat laundry looks like among rude Americans....

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Zachary Queen said...

Fun pics. Keep them coming!