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Monday, July 13, 2015

Gravel roads lead to the coolst places !

With a name like 5130 it had to be good !
 Nothing magic, just another gravel ride. This time it was up the Chewuch and take a left. The grade from there was designed to scare off the faint of heart.  Once you get the first two kilometers behind you the grade mellows and the valley opens up.  The scenery is a changing as the width and steepness of the valley keep changing.
You can't tell from the photo but this "road" goes straight frickin' up.  I stayed on 5130
Yes; uphill......
I have failed as a photographer.  This road really does go straight up.  When I saw it I thought I would be walking my bike.  When you get to the steepest part, the road turns to the right and gets steeper.
This was my view just before the thunderstorm
It was an awesome ride.

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