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Sunday, October 19, 2014

MFG #4 2014 Magnuson Park Results, Photos and report

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First Lap.  Not suffering yet.
After a one weekend hiatus we were back at it today.  A Sunny mid-October day means short sleeves once again.  When will we have cyclocross weather?

I had put on my mud tires ten days ago on the assumption it couldn't keep being dry any longer.  My Raven's would have been perfect today. Faster legs would have been perfect as well.  

Following a tag-team of excuses covering the past few weeks I pinned on my crinkled number 247 (which I can remember by thinking about Cyclocross 24/7).   El Chefe and I had a good warmup and after basking in the glory of my soon to be lost number four call up position we were off!

I slotted in at the back of the lead pack and was sitting fine as we hit the cement for a short stretch of pave'.  The gap opened and I tried to close it but it slowly grew. 
I'm hiding in shame...
The greasy downhill wasn't a problem but once on gravel I felt myself losing touch.  To look at a map of the course you would think it was all speed. Maps can fool you.  Aside from two short sections of pavement you had some gravel that zapped your strength and grassy sections that made it hard to keep momentum rolling.  The long (by cyclocross race standards) gradual climb was among the highlights for me as I was able to power up and over. 

I wasn't happy with my placing or my time.  What is ironic is that when I had my podium early in the season I put out 100% and finished third.  Today I again put out 100% but my 100% wasn't as good as it was earlier.  I was glad to have raced and left it all out there but I would trade it for a better result. I am hoping that the next three weeks will have good health and good training and the race results will be good as well. 
Steve and El Pirate. Bob (in fourth here) would win the race. 

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