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Monday, November 25, 2013

How stupid are we ?

Baby's got back
George Carlin mocked us for eating Jumbo shrimp and for using a hot water heater instead of a cold water heater and we all laughed.  I smirked earlier this month when my TV asked me to honor those who served this past Veteran's Day buy buying new tires.  I had to laugh out loud when the computer was promoting "Plus size Skinny jeans!"

There is nothing like Irony to bring out the dumbest in all of us.

I know we're all far to wrapped up in body image.  I'll jump in and agree that is way unhealthy.  Maybe it is the curse of old age, but I would like to THINK it is okay not to dress like anorexic models.  As a devout capitalist, I do believe that if people have money they want to spend, we should strive to take it from them. Even so, plus size skinny jeans ?  Really ?

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