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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Coffee and Lies #37 We don't all think the same way

Post rides lies are flying !!

For the first time in recent memory, we actual had rode the way we tell people we ride on Sunday mornings. Since we had raced yesterday, late yesterday if it matters, we all took it real easy.

During the post race lies part of our morning, one of our band of merry men asked if we had heard of an episode where a man had exposed himself to school children. It turned out to hit a little closer to home as a family member was one of the children involved.

"I just can't understand the motivation for doing something like that," Evo asked not expecting any answer that would make sense. "You can't understand that because your mind doesn't work that way," KB offered with authority.

I further speculated that a psychiatric community made up of supposedly normal people can't really understand and resolve the issued of non-normal people. My theory met with little resistance.

It reinforced something that I had to learn over time, reversing a belief that I had held since my youth. I had always thought we could always reason things out with those we disagree with. It was only since I interfaced with different cultures did I come to the realization that peoples with different backgrounds think differently. No matter how long I spent talking with and trying to understand pedophiles, I wouldn't think that behavior was okay.

Our nation is involved in "conflicts" around the world. Many want us to avoid the use of force and just reason with those who are doing harm. Just like no amount of conversation with a pedophile will stop their behavior, sometimes people must be compelled to follow the rules. For pedophiles that usually involves restricting their movement. For those who value life less than we do, words alone rarely solve the situation.

We looked down and our plates were empty and we returned to discussing the finer points of bike maintenance.


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