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Friday, August 30, 2013

Random observations # 2

We have gotten so used to touchless sinks and paper towel dispensers that when we have to actually touch something, we freeze like lost children waiting for permission before taking the next step.

Since I have either broken, or completely ignored the bathroom taboo rule (don't mention the bathroom or anything that happens therein), I will toss this out as well…  

There has got to be a shortage of toilet paper in the world. If it were not so people wouldn’t be going to such lengths (pun intended) to force us to use less TP.  They employ various tricks to minimize our TP consumption. Some of these include ovalized rollers, paper holders that “pinch” the roll making it harder to get the required amount of paper, rolls that are one half inch narrower, or the “jaws of death” that make reaching into the dispenser to get paper kind of like a game of “operation” wherein you feel as if you are reaching into a the mouth of an alligator. These challenges have become so common that when one does encounter a roll of TP that doesn’t have one of the usual “tricks” we may find the paper spewing forth like it is being shot from a fire hose. The roll acts like it is spinning on ceramic bearings or the like.  Then you find yourself trying to stop the fountain of white paper.  Thank goodness the rollers aren’t made by Chris King otherwise the sound would alert those in the vicinity that you are having a little fiasco.
Since I am already ranting on such a disgusting subject, shall we contemplate what is the likely by-product (hygienically speaking) of using less TP?  Is this a price we are willing to pay as a society ?  Look around you before answering this question. 
On a recent trip Hottie made two observations the first of which was that when we hit town for coffee and pre-ride nutrition the crowd of people that are up and about at 7:00 looks a lot fitter than the crowd that is walking around mid morning around 10:00. 

Next Observation/Question

Why have major league baseball players started to grow beards so they look like unkempt lumberjacks ? 

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