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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Coffee and Lies #19 I need a hat !!

Could you say "No" to that slightly sticky face ?
No team ride this week. Grandson Kyson came and stayed with Hottie and I for 48 hours Friday to Sunday.  Hottie fulfills her role to spoil him.  When we brought him home Hottie gave him a baseball, a tiny baseball mitt and a bat. Knowing his sports better than boys twice his age (so..I am comparing him to four year olds..) he stopped in his tracks. "I need a hat," He confidently declared.

Despite having a closet shelf full of baseball hats yet mindful that the Giro was starting, I quickly offered him the cycling cap you see here. He slapped it on his head where it spent most of the weekend.

As comical as that sounds we are all so wrapped up in our stuff that we would never THINK of riding a bike without wearing the right gloves, or the proper liner shirt. The idea of riding in tennis shoes (whoa, dating myself with that term) is inconceivable.

We had fun. Kyson had fun.  Adventures at the zoo and hours running and playing at parks wore him out and quiet time listening to Hottie read him stories rounded out his time.  We were sad to see him go and I think he had fun.

Riding a bike is fun.  Being a husband, dad and a grandpa (pronounced "Gum-ba") matters.

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