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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Timbuk2 Messenger bag Review

This is my travel set up. Timbuk2 messenger bag, Lands' End roll on with initials so I know it's mine (and the middle initial keeps people from asking me for soft serve ice cream) and a light jacket.

Looking at my messenger bag and noting this is a review, you might think the bag is new. While this is obviously a review, I have been dragging this bag to work every day for four and a half years. What it takes for the bag to look worn I have yet to comprehend.

Just like the number of four wheel drive vehicles that actually spend time off road is minuscule, so too is the number of messenger bags that have been slung over a shoulder whilst riding a bike on city streets. I have used this bag at times as my only bike bag with lunch, clothes and work stuff all packed inside. I have also used it to carry just work stuff (laptop, iPad, files, phone, glasses, etc.), with clothes and lunch in a pannier.

The bag layout is mature and I gladly accept the benefit of years of trial and error and design evolution. The shoulder strap works, the chest strap works. The buckles are a back up to the Velcro for big loads or critical cargo. The interior pockets hold what you need, but are not so voluminous as to allow you to over pack. a few extra tabs allow you to add a carabiner to hold a water bottle or blinky light for commuting. The fabric wears like iron and keeps stuff dry.

As my loyal readers know, I don't bike commute every day and on those when I drive the bag is my briefcase. Can you imagine walking into a meeting with Airline Vice Presidents with this bright beast hanging from your shoulder? That is how Evo rolls. If I get a stare I comment that it the bright color means it never gets left behind and nobody mistakes it for their bag.

This bag was made in the USA by non union folks at a cool company. While sometimes Timbuk2 crosses the line of trying to be cute, they seem to have it together and they are one of the few companies that I don't mind paying retail for their products.

If you had X-ray vision you would see a Timbuk2 luggage tag on my black roller and a Timbuk2 case for my electronics inside my messenger bag. This bag was a gift from Hottie for Valentine's day back in 2008 and I think of her each time I sling it over my shoulder.

This bag gets a full five out of five Evos.


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