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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Video Review.. Jeremy Powers Cross Camp

This is the cover.  I just bought the download, so I only see it for a second..
Yes I bought it.  It was affordable and I'd fill my shoes with peanut butter if it made me faster.  Will this video make you faster?  Will it make me faster?  That is the question we ask ourselves before we shell out our hard earned bucks.

I once had a Geology professor who said something that always stuck with me.  He said, "If they sold smart pills, I'd stand in line to buy some."  My take away from that is you do what you can to be better. Now on to the video.

The video covers the full spectrum. Jeremy starts with what he packs and what he wears in different weather conditions.  As a veteran of several season that have included sun, sand, mud, rain, snow, ice etc. I know a few things. I watched and listened to every word.  I learned something.  Also, like so many things, we forget and it is easier on my body to be reminded as opposed to suffering in a 2012 race and then remembering.

This was the tone for a lot of things. Yeah, I kinda knew that, but it has been dormant for a long time and this was a timely reminder.  There were also some things that I learned that I didn't know before.  Will I use them? Yes I will.

There is slow motion section on tire pressure that is worth the price of the video.  He covers run ups, cornering, barriers (no hopping) and sand.  The video is good.  It will make you faster.  If you race in my category, don't buy it, I'll loan you my copy.  Oops, I forgot it, I'll bring in next week..

What do the pros know that we don't?  My second year at Nationals in Bend Oregon I raced and watched races.  There was a corner that was muddy and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE took it tight.  Then when the pros were warming up, they took it wide and kept their speed. Every pro took it wide.  What do the pros know that we don't? They know how to go fast.  Want to go fast?  Buy the video.

Because it isn't too expensive, too pretentious, or too basic, I give it Five of five Evos !

Here is his website

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