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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beware of Timex employees

There are a few things in my professional life that I believe I do exceptionally well. Customer interaction would be one of those areas that I would point to as a personal strongpoint. My ability to listen to a customer and provide closed loop communication has been developed over many years. Customers like me and more importantly, they respect me, and the companies I have work for.

I was on a three-way phone call the other day and the customer was attacking the other party on the call. The other party took the abuse in a way that suggested they were experienced in getting beaten. In addition, the customer clearly spelled out what they wanted to happen, and the other party didn’t take the queue.

I had two takeaways from this call. First; the other party didn’t know squat about customer relationships. The second point and the subject of my rant today, was that if someone takes harsh criticism well, they must be used to it and that in and of itself, is cause for serious concern.

Taking abuse may be a good quality for a watch or a bicycle component, but show me someone who takes abuse well, and I’ll show you someone I don’t want to have on my professional team.

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