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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I guess I knew this was the plan.

You will have to fight me for these photos.

Like it or not, I passed along the wanderlust gene to my children. My oldest son has lived abroad off and on for the past several years. Every time he left, I took consolation that he would return in a known amount of time.

He got married last summer, and he and his bride are headed off to start a new job in Russia. He speaks fluent Russian and Arabic. He will be working at the US embassy and has a two-year assignment. If he knows more he either isn’t supposed to tell me, or he just decided not to.

After that who knows what or where he will be.

I hugged he and his wife goodbye today and as they walked away, the images you see at the top of this post are what filled my head.

My second son is still in Alaska on a search of his own. I have similar images of his childhood as I check the weather reports for Kodiak Island.

The grandpa thing is super cool, but that is really a part time gig. Ironic that the culmination of being a dad is letting them go. Hottie and I miss them already.

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