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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Duty Calls

The view from above !

“Hey Evo, what are you doing Wednesday after work?” I was asked by one of my company’s executives Tuesday afternoon. “Whatever you want me to be doing,” was my cheerful reply. Wednesday evening found me in a private suite at Safeco Field watching the Mariners beat the Chicago White Sox. The luxury suites are absolutely ridiculous, and addicting. Just like economy seats become banal after flying in first class, so too will regular seats be at baseball games forevermore. I was able to zip in with a parking pass that put me five minutes from the suite. The suite is climate controlled with a full time host and platters of food that mysteriously appear and change as the game progresses. Before the first pitch there are nachos and dip, potato chips, peanuts, popcorn, Buffalo wings and vegetable platters. In addition to the hosted bar, there is a fully stocked refrigerator with sodas and water. After the game gets underway, Hot dogs and a fajita bar are added to the mix along with potato salad and side dishes. Just as you decide you can’t eat any more, about the fifth inning, in come heaping platters of fresh baked cookies. The game is broadcast on closed circuit LCD TV’s in the suite and there are three rows of seats facing the field where you can sit and take in the game. Looking on either side you can spot local celebrities and political figures enjoying the game.

This was my third game in the suite this season. I recall my first week at my company when I was offered theatre tickets to see a production at The Paramount, which Hottie had been hinting that she wanted to see. Not only were we able to see the play (awesome), but I scored points with Hottie as well. My first game in the suite was all people within my company and I was able to bring Hottie as well. It is so nice to have a spouse with traits and looks that I can show off.

Hottie in the suite

My last two games I have been “working” (hence the entry title), building relationships with some of our key suppliers. What is worth noting is the quality of the people who were there. I could not help but begin taking mental notes of the similarities these people shared. To a person they were optimistic and enthusiastic. Even though they, like us, work hard; you didn’t hear a complaining word from them. They didn’t whine about their commutes or how hard work or life was, they all enjoyed their work, and their play.

My company produces a market leading product and we work exclusively with the best people and companies. Internally, we only hire the absolute best. A lot of companies give lip service to hiring and retraining the best, but we do it. It costs more, much more, but it would appear the model is working very well. You know the kind of person who stops when they see someone with a flat tire? We have a company full of them. I find myself surrounded by people of noteworthy talent and integrity. If I am counted among them, I am lucky indeed.

I am blessed or lucky, depending on your current view of deity. I try to be encouraging to my fellow beings. I would like to think I am one of those optimistic folks that surrounded me last night. Maybe karma is paying me back; because otherwise there is an awful lot I would have to attribute to luck. This isn’t to say I have not had challenges. I have made my share of mistakes and accept responsibility for them, and believe I have learned from them. I am happy beyond what I deserve, and I couldn’t hold a grudge with a bucket. I agree with William Least Heat-Moon who says in his great book, River Horse, Happiness is the best revenge. I have no need, or time for revenge, and I pity those who are angered by the happiness of others, but I do like to be happy.

I came home tonight to a candlelight dinner on our deck where Hottie and I watched the sun go down and talked of good times.

As I careen down the road toward a “round” birthday (as my friend George says) I still have most of my hair, my health is hanging tough, I have more than enough worldly junk and I live in an amazing time in a beautiful place. Could I ask for more?

I have perhaps waxed a tad philosophical today as I sit astride my trusty bike, but I can assure anyone who has the time to read this I will shortly make up for it with trivial reports on adventures and equipment reviews.

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