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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ten reasons why I didn’t attend the inauguration

10 No free ticket came in the mail
9 I have a fear of long lines for inadequate quantities of overused and underserviced port-a-potties
8 I was a bit too “bold” on my Priceline bidding
7 I’m saving my frequent flyer miles for the Garlic Festival
6 I am only interested in socialist speeches when they are given by men in olive green military uniforms
5 It is all just hot air until you actually do something
4 I’m too old to settle for just “feeling good” about something
3 I would hate to miss Ed McMahon showing up at my door
2 I am so ticklish that I might pee myself when I was being patted down by Security staff
1 I’m trying to reduce my sulfur footprint

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