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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Twisp to Carlton Ride report

This past weekend we went to our favorite spot in the universe, the Methow valley. For those of you not from around here, it is pronounced met-how not meth-ow.

There is a pleasant ride from Twisp to Carlton on the back roads that avoid most of the traffic. It is rural and very scenic. The hills are mild and there is a lot to see. I failed to take pictures of the cool barns, rusting cars, horses, cattle or the beautiful Methow River that you follow all the way to Carlton. Above is the beaver pond that you pass about a third of the way to Carlton.

The Carlton Mall consits of a sign and a building

Along the Methow River on the way back to Twisp.

One could return via the main highway if you wanted to live in constant fear of being taken our by an inattentive RV driver, but the route is so nice you don’t mind doing it twice and you return by retracing your steps. I had the round trip at 21 miles and 700’ of total climbing that felt like only 300’. It the heat of summer the breeze off the river keeps you cool.


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